The Workshops

Xp08 -130

The listed workshops are subject to change without special notice.

IMPORTANT: We would like to ask every  participant to bring an own large (sauna) towel with as a pad! Thanks a lot!


Tuning In - Truth or Dare Ruby May
Courage for Tenderness!? Dr. Lucas Pawlik
Bisexual Playground Felix Ruckert
Untitled Felix Ruckert
Promiscuity Michael & Jiny
Nazi Fetish - Playing with Trauma Atma Pöschl



Faces Sheila Crux
From Tongue to Tail Kai Ehrhardt
Lift and Carry Michael & Moni
Pressure for Pleasure Paradoxa
Rough Body Play (Kinky Kung Fu) Frank T. Khani & Sheila Crux
After Breath Robert K.
Skin Travelling Robert K.



Queening Caritia
Humiliation Caritia
Interrogation Frank T. Khani
Discipline & Punishment delta®
Predicament Bondage Dov
Hogties Dov
Mindfucks Dov
Knives and Pointy Things Dov
The Lesson Laudana
Service Fetish Laudana


Unless otherwise specified, no workshops require nudity or fetish outfit. For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.

All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy.

As the event is designed for adults we must emphasise the importance of consideration and self responsibility. Therefore it is obvious that all interactions should be related to the basic principle of SAFE - SANE - CONSENSUAL and practised by Safer Sex. We will ban anyone immediately from the entire festival who offend against this rule, acts reckless or even gets molesting.

Please note: At some workshops it is asked to bring own material (blankets, towels, wash bowls, yoga mats, meditation pads or cushions etc.) - Please check on the respective workshop pages!